Casino City's Gaming Business Directory 2022 Edition CD User Guide

12 Casino City’s Gaming Business Directory CD Microsoft Word Mail-Merge One common use of Casino City’s Gaming Business Directory CD is the production of mailing labels or letters for executive contacts. Word mail-merge is designed to perform both of these tasks, and you will find sample Word mail-merge template files on the CD that should help simplify the process. Information about the sample mail-merge template files can be found in Appendix G. This section documents how to perform a mail-merge with Microsoft Word 2000. If you want to create mailing labels, template files are provided for Avery 5160 style labels (30 1by-25/ 8-inch labels per sheet), Avery 5161 style labels (20 1-by-4-inch labels per sheet), and Avery 5162 style labels (14 11/ 3-by-4-inch labels per sheet). Open the template file Avery5160Labels.doc, Avery5161Labels.doc or Avery5162Labels.doc contained in the Templates folder. Then select Mail Merge on the Tools menu to open the Mail Merge Helper dialog box. Since you have already opened a mailing label template file, you can go directly to step two and click on Get Data and then on Open Data Source. Select the data table file you wish to use to create mailing labels and click OK. In step three, you merge and format the labels. As part of this step you may select the Query option to choose which contacts to use. The Query option allows you to sort or select records according to criteria you specify. For example, you can select properties with a certain minimum number of table games or hotel rooms. If you want to specify more complex criteria, such as selecting contacts with particular departmental responsibilities, you must use a more sophisticated query tool like Microsoft Query, whose usage is explained in the next section. To create a letter, follow a process similar to the one outlined above for mailing labels, but use the file SampleLetterTemplate.doc. After selecting the appropriate data source for your letter, edit the contents of the sample letter so it has the contents you desire before performing the merge. You can easily delete the body of the letter and type or copy and paste new material from other documents. You can use any of the columns in the selected data table to customize your letter. For example, you can insert the first name of the recipient into a sentence in the body of the letter to make it more personal, or you can include specific information about the property, such as the number of gaming machines, in your letter. Word uses the term “field” to refer to data table columns. Use the Insert Merge Field button on the Mail Merge tool bar to insert columns from the data table. Your letter can also include different words or sentences based on the value of columns in the data table. Just press the Insert Word Field button on the Mail Merge tool bar and select the If…Then…Else… option. Sometimes you may want to create letters or mailing labels for a group of executives that you cannot easily specify using the information on the CD and the Query facility provided by Word. In this situation consider using to create a custom data extract to use with Word mail-merge that contains just the executives you require. The data selection facilities are designed to handle certain types of executive selection criteria not easily specified using Word Query options and the information available on the CD.