Casino City's Gaming Business Directory 2022 Edition CD User Guide

16 Casino City’s Gaming Business Directory CD should import any columns that will be useful to you in your interaction with the contacts you are importing. We recommend that you import the PropertyId or OrganizationId and ContactId columns into ACT! We will change the name of a property contained in the Company field to match a newer preferred property name. Similarly, the name of an individual can change due to a change in marital status or a spelling correction. If the PropertyId or OrganizationId and ContactId fields are included in your ACT! Database, then subsequent updates can be merged based on the more stable PropertyId or OrganizationId and ContactId values. Please note that importing telephone numbers may work differently than you would expect. ACT! will frequently add a country code to the beginning of an imported telephone number based on the contact’s country, even if a country code is already present in the telephone number. When this occurs, the country code will be duplicated at the beginning of the imported telephone number. Once you have completed the field mappings, click Finish. The data will then be imported into the existing or newly initialized ACT! database. The time required to complete the import will vary based on the number of contacts being imported. Normally only a few minutes are required, but importing a large file such as GamingPropertyContacts, which contains more than 20,000 contacts, may take over an hour. After the import is complete, be sure to restore any settings you altered for duplicate checking to the values in effect before the import was performed. Table 3: Mapping Gaming Business Directory Columns to ACT! Fields Text – delimited Column Name dBase Column Name ACT! Field Name Company Company Company Address1 Address1 Address 1 Address2 Address2 Address 2 Address3 Address3 Address 3 City City City State State State PostalCode PostalCode Zip Country Country Country Phone Phone Phone PhoneExtension PhoneEx Phone Ext. Fax Fax Fax TollFree TollFree Alt Phone TollFreeExtension TollFreeEx Alt Phone Ext. StockSymbol StockSymbl Ticker Symbol WebSite WebSite WebSite Email Email E-mail Address Salutation Salutation Salutation FirstName FirstName First Name LastName LastName Last Name Title Title Title TitleLong TitleLong Title