Casino City's Gaming Business Directory 2022 Edition CD User Guide

Casino City’s Gaming Business Directory CD 23 Importing Contacts into WinFax Pro You can import data provided on Casino City’s Gaming Business Directory CD and data downloaded from the website into a WinFax Pro phonebook. This section outlines the data import process for WinFax Pro version 10.0. First, you should select the data you wish to import into WinFax Pro. If you only wish to import a portion of the information contained in one of the Gaming Business Directory files, you must first use a tool other than WinFax Pro to create a file that includes just the data you want to import. If you want to import a portion of the GamingProperties, GamingPropertyContacts, PropertyOwners or PropertyOwnerContacts tables, then we recommend using the website to select and download the appropriate information. Using, you can easily select data based on a variety of criteria including geographic location, department and type of gaming facility. Once you have Gaming Business Directory data ready to import into WinFax Pro, you should create a new phonebook to contain the imported information unless you wish to use an existing phonebook. To create a new phonebook, use the WinFax Pro Message Manager file menu to select New and then Phonebook. This will launch the phonebook creation wizard. To launch the import phonebook wizard, use the WinFax Pro Message Manager file menu to select Import and then Phonebook. Once the wizard has started, select ASCII (Text file) as the format of the external phonebook to import and press the Next button. To select a file to import from the CD, click the Select button, make sure “Files of type: text files (.txt)” is selected, use the Look-in pull-down menu to select the CommaSeparatedValues folder on the CD, select the desired file from the folder, and press the Open button. Alternatively, you can enter the location of a file you have downloaded using Once you have selected a file to import, press the Next button. On the following screen, make sure “Columns are separated by a Comma(,)” is selected, uncheck the “Import the first row of data” checkbox, and press the Next button. You must now specify the WinFax phonebook fields that correspond to Gaming Business Directory data columns. The column labeled “ACSII file preview” on the screen shows the names of the Gaming Business Directory columns present in the file you are importing. For each column name shown in Table 6, you should use the “phonebook fields” pull-down menu on the screen to select the corresponding phonebook field name shown in the table. When you are finished specifying the mapping, press the Next button. Finally, select the phonebook into which the information should be imported and press the Finish button to perform the actual import.