Casino City's Gaming Business Directory 2022 Edition CD User Guide

Casino City’s Gaming Business Directory CD 25 Gaming Property Cross-References Casino City’s Gaming Business Directory CD user interface includes a webpage that links to gaming property cross-reference lists (see Figure 3). There are lists by size and property type. There are lists of properties ranked by size by the number of gaming machines, table games, gaming positions, hotel rooms and poker tables. There are property type lists for Tribal Gaming – Class III, Casino-Hotels, Riverboat Casinos and many other property types. Also included among the property types are facilities that are under construction or in the planning phase. A given property may be included in more than one of the property type lists. Figure 3: User Interface Property Cross-Reference Page Clicking on any of the hyperlinked “by size” lists will display a list of properties in descending order by the number of the item in question (see Figure 4).