Casino City's Gaming Business Directory 2022 Edition CD User Guide

Casino City’s Gaming Business Directory CD 5 Preface The new 2023 editions of Casino City's Gaming Business Directory, Casino City's Gaming Business Directory CD and the online service have all been completely revised. Since publication of the last edition, we have reviewed and updated every section of the directory. The result is print and CD editions of the 2022 directory that include thousands of changes in gaming industry property and owner contacts. As current information has become more critical and as the volume of information we gather has continued to grow, we have responded by expanding and differentiating the information in our online service. We now provide detailed information online covering the history of property openings and closings in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. And changes in the executive suite are at an all-time high, increasing the importance of access to updates and revisions to the static information published in the CD and print versions of the directory. Our online service now includes nearly 30,000 executive contacts and provides direct links to well over 15,000 executive contact LinkedIn® profile pages. As with previous editions of Casino City's Gaming Business Directory, this print edition provides a concise version of the international gaming properties section, with full property and contact details available online. The creation of the new 2022 editions of Casino City's Gaming Business Directory, Casino City's Gaming Business Directory CD and the online service, including all the underlying databases and processes, was a massive effort involving many disciplines by a team of very dedicated people. We're proud of the effort put forth by every employee of Casino City Press. Steve Bloom, Vice President of Engineering, has overall responsibility for the software engineering efforts required to create the new editions of the directory, CD and online service, including database design, data-entry applications and data extract procedures, in addition to managing the design and layout of the book and CD. Andrea Mullaney created the cover artwork for the directory and CD. Paul Mogilevsky was a major contributor and primarily responsible for book production. Bowman Healey had overall responsibility for the data collection and update efforts that are reflected in the new edition of the directory. Other content development team members include, Carol Heller, Michael Zadig and Nick Mariano. Simply stated, the new edition of the directory and CD would not exist without the dedication of all of the contributing staff. Finally, we'd like to thank you, our customer. It is your words of encouragement and appreciation, your suggestions and your overwhelming acceptance of our products that make this effort both worthwhile and possible. Michael A. Corfman Sylvia F. Corfman Chief Executive Officer Chief Operating Officer Casino City Press Casino City Press