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Subscription Options

GamingDirectory.com is a comprehensive online database with gaming property, property owner, and gaming executive information that is kept continually updated.

Continuous Updates:
The gaming industry is very dynamic. Our dedicated research team tracks gaming industry changes and makes daily updates to our databases to reflect those changes.

We average over 500 gaming property, gaming property owner, and property and owner executive contact changes every month.

Multi-Criteria Searching and Easy-to-Use Download Tools:
Want to find all slot directors who work at properties with at least 500 slot machines in California, Nevada, and New Jersey?

You can find these contacts easily on GamingDirectory.com and then download them in Excel format to your computer. Take a look at the Searching the Data section for all of the search criteria you can select.

Online Subscription Rates:
Both six-month and twelve-month subscriptions are available for single or multiple users.

$1,399.95 12-Month Subscription, Five Users*

$799.95 12-Month Subscription, Single User

$499.95 6-Month Subscription, Single User

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Save up to 68% with Special Packages:

Special packages are also available that include complete sets of property and contact data in book and CD format - for as little as $50 more.

Order today and take advantage of the best industry contact and property data at your fingertips!

What Our Customers are Saying
"The gaming industry is huge and ever changing. My company relies upon Casino City’s Gaming Business Directory to access casino/track/cruise ship property data and executive contacts to market Electric Checks' unique bounced check collection services. The data helps my company establish relationships that make sales. The staff at Casino City Press is ready to assist its customers with enthusiasm and superior knowledge. I love using the Gaming Business Directory and highly recommend it to companies that do business with the gaming industry."
-Brenda Howard, President, Electric Checks

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