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Tracking Data Changes

Track Changes to Executive Contacts.

Using the application's unique Change Tracking tool, you can easily monitor changes to the executive contacts you're interested in.

The Change Tracking tool will allow you to:

Run reports that highlight the names of executives whose positions have changed at the properties you're interested in over a specified time period

Select a specific report date in the past to view the executives and properties at some past date

Run reports that will show only the executives who have changed titles or positions over the time period you specify

What Our Customers are Saying
"The gaming industry is huge and ever changing. My company relies upon Casino City’s Gaming Business Directory to access casino/track/cruise ship property data and executive contacts to market Electric Checks' unique bounced check collection services. The data helps my company establish relationships that make sales. The staff at Casino City Press is ready to assist its customers with enthusiasm and superior knowledge. I love using the Gaming Business Directory and highly recommend it to companies that do business with the gaming industry."
-Brenda Howard, President, Electric Checks

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