Casino City's Gaming Business Directory 2022 Edition CD User Guide

18 Casino City’s Gaming Business Directory CD Figure 2: Default GoldMine Import File Profile for ASCII Files After you click Next on the “Import File Profile” screen, the “Field Mappings” screen will be presented. You must use this screen to specify how to map Gaming Business Directory column labels (shown in the left column) to GoldMine fields (shown in the right column). Table 4 (on page 14) shows the names of the Gaming Business Directory column labels and the corresponding GoldMine field names. For each label name shown in Table 4 that appears in the left column, first click on the label name in the left column, then click on the corresponding GoldMine field name in the right column, and finally press the “Map to GM” button to complete the association. The GoldMine Contact field should consist of the full contact name, so you must double click on the Contact field, enter one of the expressions shown in Table 4 for Contact, and press the OK button. The mappings shown in Table 4 are suggested mappings. In some cases, you may want to alter the mappings if the suggested use does not match your normal use of the fields. For example, the Phone and Email provided for Gaming Business Directory contacts are for the company, not for the individual contact. If you normally keep personal phone or e-mail addresses in the GoldMine Phone1 and E-mail Address fields, then saving company information in these fields may be inappropriate. Doing so would make it hard to merge new Gaming Business Directory contact data into existing contact records, since the normal merge process would then replace older personalized data with newer company data for an individual contact. You must decide if you would rather import the TitleLong column or the more compact Title column into GoldMine as the Title field. We generally recommend using the shorter Title column. Please note that the columns shown in the table are not present in all Gaming Business Directory files. For example, the PhoneEx column is only present in the Suppliers and SupplierContacts tables. You can also import additional columns listed in Appendix A or C that are not shown in Table 4, below, into GoldMine. Generally, additional columns should be mapped to GoldMine’s user-