Casino City's Gaming Business Directory 2022 Edition CD User Guide

Casino City’s Gaming Business Directory CD 19 defined fields. You should import any columns that will be useful to you in your interaction with the contacts you are importing. We recommend that you import the PropertyId or OrganizationId and ContactId columns into GoldMine. We will change the name of a property contained in the Company field to match a newer preferred property name. Similarly, the name of an individual can change due to a change in marital status or a spelling correction. If the PropertyId or OrganizationId and ContactId fields are included in your GoldMine database, then subsequent updates can be merged based on the more stable PropertyId or OrganizationId and ContactId values. Table 4: Mapping Gaming Business Directory Columns to GoldMine Fields GoldMine Field Column Label or Expression Company Company Address1 Address1 Address2 Address2 Address3 Address3 City City State State Zip PostalCode Country Country Phone1 Phone Ext1 PhoneEx Fax Fax Phone2 TollFree Ext2 TollFreeEx Web Site WebSite E-mail Address Email Dear FirstName LastName LastName Title Title or TitleLong Contact trim(FirstName) + “ ” + trim(LastName) Contact trim(Salutation) + “ ” + trim(FirstName) + “ ” + trim(LastName) Once you have completed the field mappings, click Next. You will be presented with the “Save Profile” screen. Click Next on this screen, and you will be presented with the “Ready to Import” screen. Click Finished on this screen, and the GoldMine Process Monitor window will appear and show the status of the import process. If you imported an ASCII File, then the initial record containing the column names will have been imported into GoldMine as a contact record and should be deleted. Use the GoldMine menu system to select Lookup > Company. Enter the value “Company” as the company name you are looking for to locate the initial record. Once the initial record is selected as the current contact record, use the GoldMine menu system to select Edit > Delete Contact. Make sure all items are selected, and click Delete. When GoldMine imports contact records, it always creates a new contact record for each imported contact. This is done even if the contact has the same name, company name, address, and phone number as an existing contact record. After the import is complete, you can merge previously