Casino City's Gaming Business Directory 2022 Edition CD User Guide

40 Casino City’s Gaming Business Directory CD Appendix F: Short Title Abbreviations The following table summarizes the abbreviations used to create short titles. Abbreviations are applied to a title in order from the top to the bottom of the list until the title does not exceed 35 characters in length, or until the list of abbreviations is exhausted. Abbreviation Full Text String & and Int'l International CFO Chief Financial Officer COO Chief Operating Officer CEO Chief Executive Officer IT Information Technology Govt Government CAO Chief Administrative Officer CIO Chief Information Officer CPA Certified Public Accountant Corp Corporate Sr Senior Exec Executive Asst Assistant MIS Management Information Systems MIS Management Information System MIS Management Information Services VP Vice President HR Human Resources PR Public Relations Mktg Marketing Div Division Comm Communications Comm Communication Sys Systems Rep Representative Sec Secretary Pres President Mgr Manager Dirs Directors Dir Director GM General Mgr Ops Operations Bev Beverage Ent Entertainment Coord Coordinator Abbreviation Full Text String Tech Technology Dev Development Planning Strategic Planning Treas Treasurer Purch Purchasing Trans Transportation Ctr Center Conf Conference F & B Food and Bev Admin Administration Svcs Services Svc Service Surv Surveillance Bus Business Convs Conventions Sp Events Special Events Board Chairman Chairman of the Board Chairman Board Chairman Coord Coordination Spec Specialist Mfg Manufacturing Admin Administrative Accts Accounts Acct Account Dept Department Mgmt Management Sup Supervisor Comm Commercial Adv Advertising Prog Program Proj Project Reg Regional Co-ord Co-ordinator Nat National Admin Administrator Cust Customers Cust Customer