Casino City's Gaming Business Directory 2022 Edition CD User Guide

42 Casino City’s Gaming Business Directory CD A sample letter template named SampleLetterTemplate.doc can also be found in the Templates folder on the CD. The sample letter template formats the address heading section of the letter in a fashion similar to that used in the mailing label template. However, the TitleLong field is used rather than Title field and the StateLong field is used rather than the State field. Also, the Country is always placed on a separate line since the limitation of a maximum of seven address lines necessary for the mailing labels can be relaxed within the heading of a letter. A bookmark named Recipient is also created using the name line of the address so it can easily be used again in the salutation line. If you wish to examine the details of the heading of the letter template, simply select the heading portion of the sample letter from within Word, right-click on your mouse while the mouse pointer is positioned over the selected text, and select the Toggle Field Codes menu item.