Current Montana Smokefree Gaming Property Status Map
196 smokefree properties in Montana (94%)
This map gives the location of every property in Montana with green icons identifying properties that are smokefree. Zoom in or expand the map to full-screen mode to see property locations more clearly. Click a property's icon to see its summary details.
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Montana Gaming Properties
The table below includes all 209 Montana gaming properties. You can sort the table by any column and you can click a property owner to see property-by-property details for that owner.
PropertyOwners and OperatorsCityProperty TypeSmokefreeOpen Status
49er Diner and Casino LivingstonCommercial CasinoYes 
Ace High Poker Room ButteCard RoomYesOpen
Aces High Casino BillingsCard RoomYes 
All Aboard Casino Doc and Eddy'sBillingsCommercial CasinoYes 
Alley's Palace GlasgowCard RoomYes 
Amber Bear Inn HeronCard RoomYesCoronavirus Closed
American Legion Post 4 BillingsCard RoomYes 
Bar IX BozemanCard RoomYes 
Beacon Icehouse & Casino Great FallsCard RoomYesOpen
Best Bet Casino - Kalispell KalispellCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Big B Bingo & Casino BillingsCommercial CasinoYesOpen
BJ's Casino and Lounge Cut BankCommercial CasinoYes 
Blue Moon Nite Club Columbia FallsCard RoomYes 
Broken Spoke Bar & Grille Big SkyCard RoomYes 
Buckeye Bar BridgerCard RoomYesOpen
Bucking Horse Saloon and Casino Miles CityCommercial CasinoYes 
Buff's Bar & Casino ForsythCommercial CasinoYes 
Bugz's Casino BillingsCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Bulldog Saloon WhitefishCard RoomYesCoronavirus Closed
Bullseye Cafe and Casino HelenaCommercial CasinoYes 
Bullwackers Casino BillingsCommercial CasinoYes 
Casey's Whitefish WhitefishCommercial CasinoYes 
Casino Royale BillingsCommercial CasinoYes 
Cat's Paw Cardroom BozemanCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Cellar Casino and Restaurant Miles CityCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Chances R Restaurant and Casino ButteCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Chick's Bar AlderCard RoomYes 
Chinook Motor Inn ChinookCard RoomYes 
Choteau Stage Stop Inn ChoteauCard RoomYes 
Club Car Casino Great FallsCard RoomYes 
Corner Bar CircleCard RoomYesOpen
Crown Lounge Great FallsCommercial CasinoYes 
Doc & Eddy's West Casino Doc and Eddy'sBillingsCommercial CasinoYes 
Drunk'n Miner Saloon ButteCommercial CasinoYes 
Eastern Montana Fairgrounds Miles CityHorse TrackYes 
E-Z Mart Casino HarlemCommercial CasinoYes 
Fatt Boys Bar and Grille KalispellCard RoomYesOpen
Five Spot Bar AbsarokeeCard RoomYes 
Flipper's Casino MissoulaCommercial CasinoYes 
Fort Rockvale Restaurant, Lounge & Casino JolietCard RoomYesOpen
Four Aces Bar SuperiorCard RoomYes 
Fraternal Order of Eagles 374 LewistownCard RoomYesCoronavirus Closed
Gold Dust Casino BillingsCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Gold Dust Casino - Great Falls Great FallsCard RoomYesOpen
Gold Mine Casino ButteCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Golden Spur Miles CityCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Grand Plaza Casino ButteCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Grand Tree Inn BozemanCommercial CasinoYes 
Gusick's Restaurant BillingsCommercial CasinoYes 
Halftime Sports Bar and Casino Great FallsCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Heiser's Bar & Casino BakerCard RoomYesOpen
Hi Ho Tavern Great FallsCard RoomYesOpen
Hops Pub & Casino ButteCommercial CasinoYes 
Jackrabbit Red's Casino HardinCommercial CasinoYes 
Jitterbugs Box ElderCard RoomYesOpen
JR's Lounge and Casino BelgradeCard RoomYesOpen
Kalispell Hilton Poker Room KalispellCard RoomYesCoronavirus Closed
Katie O'Keefe's Casino MissoulaCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Korner Casino BozemanCommercial CasinoYesOpen
KT's Hayloft Saloon LoloCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Lady Lil's - Missoula Town PumpMissoulaCommercial CasinoYes 
Lady Lil's - Shelby Town PumpShelbyCommercial CasinoYes 
Laughing Grizzly Restaurant, Bar & Casino MissoulaCard RoomYesOpen
Locomotive Inn Casino LaurelCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Lost Mine Saloon and Casino AnacondaCard RoomYesOpen
Lucky 7 Casino BillingsCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Lucky Diamond Casino BillingsCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Lucky Lil's - 3050 Town PumpSidneyCommercial CasinoYes 
Lucky Lil's - Anaconda Town PumpAnacondaCommercial CasinoYes 
Lucky Lil's - Belgrade Town PumpBelgradeCommercial CasinoYes 
Lucky Lil's - Big Timber Town PumpBig TimberCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Lucky Lil's - Billings Town PumpBillingsCommercial CasinoYes 
Lucky Lil's - Bonner Town PumpMilltownCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Lucky Lil's - Boulder Town PumpBoulderCommercial CasinoYes 
Lucky Lil's - Butte Town PumpButteCommercial CasinoYes 
Lucky Lil's - Chinook Town PumpChinookCommercial CasinoYes 
Lucky Lil's - Colstrip Town PumpColstripCommercial CasinoYes 
Lucky Lil's - Columbia Falls Town PumpColumbia FallsCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Lucky Lil's - Columbus Town PumpColumbusCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Lucky Lil's - Conrad Town PumpConradCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Lucky Lil's - Cut Bank Town PumpCut BankCommercial CasinoYes 
Lucky Lil's - Deer Lodge Town PumpDeer LodgeCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Lucky Lil's - Dillon Town PumpDillonCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Lucky Lil's - East Helena Town PumpEast HelenaCommercial CasinoYes 
Lucky Lil's - Eureka Town PumpEurekaCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Lucky Lil's - Forsyth Town PumpForsythCommercial CasinoYes 
Lucky Lil's - Great Falls Town PumpGreat FallsCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Lucky Lil's - Hamilton Town PumpHamiltonCommercial CasinoYes 
Lucky Lil's - Hardin Town PumpHardinCommercial CasinoYes 
Lucky Lil's - Havre Town PumpHavreCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Lucky Lil's - Helena Town PumpHelenaCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Lucky Lil's - Highway 2 Town PumpKalispellCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Lucky Lil's - Kalispell Town PumpKalispellCommercial CasinoYes 
Lucky Lil's - Laurel Town PumpLaurelCommercial CasinoYes 
Lucky Lil's - Lewistown Town PumpLewistownCommercial CasinoYes 
Lucky Lil's - Libby Town PumpLibbyCommercial CasinoYes 
Lucky Lil's - Livingston Town PumpLivingstonCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Lucky Lil's - Lolo Town PumpLoloCommercial CasinoYes 
Lucky Lil's - Miles City Town PumpMiles CityCommercial CasinoYes 
Lucky Lil's - Milltown Town PumpMilltownCommercial CasinoYes 
Lucky Lil's - Missoula Town PumpMissoulaCommercial CasinoYes 
Lucky Lil's - Plains Town PumpPlainsCommercial CasinoYes 
Lucky Lil's - Rimrock Mall Town PumpBillingsCommercial CasinoYes 
Lucky Lil's - Rocker Town PumpRockerCommercial CasinoYes 
Lucky Lil's - Shelby Town PumpShelbyCommercial CasinoYes 
Lucky Lil's - Sidney Town PumpSidneyCommercial CasinoYes 
Lucky Lil's - Stevensville Town PumpStevensvilleCommercial CasinoYes 
Lucky Lil's - Superior Town PumpSuperiorCommercial CasinoYes 
Lucky Lil's - Thompson Falls Town PumpThompson FallsCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Lucky Lil's - Three Forks Town PumpThree ForksCommercial CasinoYes 
Lucky Lil's - Townsend Town PumpTownsendCommercial CasinoYes 
Lucky Lil's - White Sulphur Town PumpWhite Sulphur SpringsCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Lucky Lil's - Whitefish Town PumpWhitefishCommercial CasinoYes 
Lucky Lil's - Whitehall Town PumpWhitehallCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Lucky Lil's - Wolf Point Town PumpWolf PointCommercial CasinoYes 
Lucky Logger - Kalispell Town PumpKalispellCommercial CasinoYes 
Lucky's Grand Casino BillingsCommercial CasinoYesOpen
M & M Bar and Cafe ButteCard RoomYes 
Magic Diamond - 10th Avenue Town PumpGreat FallsCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Magic Diamond - Bozeman Town PumpBozemanCommercial CasinoYes 
Magic Diamond - Butte Town PumpButteCommercial CasinoYes 
Magic Diamond - Columbia Falls Town PumpColumbia FallsCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Magic Diamond - Dillon Town PumpDillonCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Magic Diamond - East Helena Town PumpEast HelenaCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Magic Diamond - Great Falls Town PumpGreat FallsCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Magic Diamond - Hamilton Town PumpHamiltonCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Magic Diamond - Havre Town PumpHavreCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Magic Diamond - Helena Town PumpHelenaCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Magic Diamond - Kalispell Town PumpKalispellCommercial CasinoYes 
Magic Diamond - Kalispell Center Mall Town PumpKalispellCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Magic Diamond - Lewiston Town PumpLewistownCommercial CasinoYes 
Magic Diamond - Livingston Town PumpLivingstonCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Magic Diamond - Lolo Town PumpLoloCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Magic Diamond - Miles City Town PumpMiles CityCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Magic Diamond - Rocker Town PumpRockerCommercial CasinoYes 
Mardi Gras West Casino Jerke & AssociatesBillingsCommercial CasinoYes 
Marley's Bar and Casino HamiltonCard RoomYesOpen
Metlen Hotel Bar & Cafe DillonCard RoomYes 
Mining Company Saloon and Casino AnacondaCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Montana Bar Miles CityCard RoomYes 
Montana Club KalispellCommercial CasinoYes 
Montana ExpoPark Great FallsHorse TrackYesOpen
Montana Lil's - Anaconda Town PumpAnacondaCommercial CasinoYes 
Montana Lil's - Billings Town PumpBillingsCommercial CasinoYes 
Montana Nugget Casino BillingsCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Montana Poker Room KalispellCard RoomYes 
Moose Lodge ColstripCard RoomYesOpen
Naughty Pine Saloon & Casino Trout CreekCard RoomYesOpen
Nickels Poker Room HelenaCard RoomYes 
North Point Bar, Grill and Casino EurekaCard RoomYes 
Oasis Bar and Casino GlendiveCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Paradise Falls MissoulaCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Pastime Bar and Lounge LibbyCard RoomYesOpen
Phil & Tim's Bar Cafe Bowl BoulderCard RoomYesOpen
Pioneer Bar Cut BankCard RoomYes 
PJ's Restaurant & Casino HavreCard RoomYesOpen
Poker Room at the Hilton - Missoula MissoulaCard RoomYes 
Press Box MissoulaCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Queen of Hearts Card Club BillingsCard RoomYesOpen
Ranger Lounge Casino SidneyCard RoomYesOpen
Red Door Lounge BillingsCard RoomYes 
Red Lion Hotel & Convention Center BillingsCommercial CasinoYes 
Remington Bar and Casino WhitefishCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Roper's Lounge LoloCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Rowdy's Cabin Casino Bar MissoulaCommercial CasinoYes 
Sam's Place BillingsCommercial CasinoYes 
Scoop Bar BozemanCommercial CasinoYes 
Scotty's Bar KalispellCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Seat Open - Bozeman BozemanCard RoomYes 
Shooters Sports Bar, Casino & Grille BillingsCommercial CasinoYes 
Silver Dollar Saloon EnnisCard RoomYesOpen
Silver Star Casino Miles CityCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Silvertip Casino MissoulaCommercial CasinoYes 
Stateline Casino BainvilleCard RoomYes 
Sunken Treasure ButteCommercial CasinoYes 
The Buffalo Bar West YellowstoneCard RoomYesOpen
The Dam Bar HelenaCard RoomYes 
The Enterprise Casino BillingsCommercial CasinoYesOpen
The Flamingo Bar Great FallsCard RoomYes 
The Grand Bar ChesterCard RoomYes 
The Hideout Casino LivingstonCommercial CasinoYesOpen
The Loading Zone Bar & Casino Great FallsCard RoomYes 
The Molly Brown Bar and Casino BozemanCard RoomYesOpen
The Oxford MissoulaCommercial CasinoYesOpen
The Rialto Bar HelenaCommercial CasinoYesOpen
The Silver Slipper Lounge MissoulaCard RoomYesOpen
The Sting Poker Room Great FallsCard RoomYes 
Veteran's Club PlentywoodCard RoomYesCoronavirus Closed
VFW 10010 East HelenaCard RoomYes 
Waterhole Saloon StanfordCard RoomYes 
Westside Lanes & Fun Center MissoulaCard RoomYes 
Whiskey Creek Saloon & Casino LivingstonCard RoomYes 
Wilderness Bar LincolnCard RoomYesOpen
Windiggers Casino KalispellCommercial CasinoYes 
Yellowstone Truck Stop LivingstonCommercial CasinoYesOpen
Your Lucky Charm Casino ButteCommercial CasinoYes 
B&S Laundry Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes of the Fort Peck Indian ReservationBrocktonIndian CasinoNoOpen
Charging Horse Casino & Bingo Northern Cheyenne TribeLame DeerIndian CasinoNoOpen
Fort Belknap Casino Fort Belknap Indian CommunityHarlemIndian CasinoNoOpen
Git-N-Go Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes of the Fort Peck Indian ReservationWolf PointIndian CasinoNoOpen
Glacier Peaks Hotel Blackfeet TribeBrowningIndian CasinoNoOpen
Glacier Peaks Hotel & Casino Blackfeet TribeBrowningIndian CasinoNoOpen
Gray Wolf Peak Casino Confederated Salish & Kootenai TribesMissoulaIndian CasinoNoOpen
KwaTaqNuk Resort & Casino Confederated Salish & Kootenai TribesPolsonIndian CasinoNoOpen
Northern Winz Hotel & Casino Chippewa-Cree Indians of the Rocky Boy's ReservationBox ElderIndian CasinoNoOpen
Northern Winz II Casino Chippewa-Cree Indians of the Rocky Boy's ReservationBox ElderIndian CasinoNoOpen
Silver Wolf Casino Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes of the Fort Peck Indian ReservationWolf PointIndian CasinoNoOpen
TJ's Quikstop Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes of the Fort Peck Indian ReservationPoplarIndian CasinoNoOpen
Tribal Express Casino Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes of the Fort Peck Indian ReservationPoplarIndian CasinoNoOpen

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