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United States COVID-19 Commercial Gaming Property Closings and Reopenings
We are actively researching and chronicling the closing and reopening of United States and Canadian gaming properties in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. We have confirmed 2,694 closings (2,494 in the United States and 200 in Canada) and 2,335 openings.
Current United States Commercial Gaming Industry Reopening Map
1,543 (87%) open commercial properties, 223 (13%) closed commercial properties
Property Type

Map Effective Date
30 November 2020 (Today)
No commercial properties in state
All commercial properties closed
Up to 20% of properties open
Up to 40% of properties open
Up to 60% of properties open
Up to 80% of properties open
More than 80% of properties open
All properties open
Hover over a state to see the number of open and closed properties in the state on November 30th. Click on a state to view a map of the state showing all open and closed properties and their details. Change the map by selecting a different country, property type or effective date using the selection boxes to the right of the map.
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Open United States Commercial Gaming Properties by Date
Hover over the chart to see the number of properties open each day. Click on the chart at a specific date to repaint the map showing open properties by state on that date.
Recent United States Commercial Gaming Property Reopenings
1,525 commercial gaming properties have reopened in the United States.
Date Reopened
Property Type
Date Closed
15 Nov 2020 
Card Room 
19 Mar 2020 
14 Nov 2020 
Card Room 
17 Mar 2020 
7 Nov 2020 
Bingo Hall 
16 Mar 2020 
5 Nov 2020 
Commercial Casino 
17 Mar 2020 
5 Nov 2020 
Card Room 
13 Jul 2020 
4 Nov 2020 
Card Room 
14 Mar 2020 
2 Nov 2020 
Card Room 
16 Mar 2020 
1 Nov 2020 
Jai Alai Fronton 
28 Mar 2020 
31 Oct 2020 
Horse Track 
1 Mar 2020 
30 Oct 2020 
Card Room 
16 Mar 2020 
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