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In addition to viewing, printing or downloading data, you can also:

Save your searches

Email results as an attached file to yourself or your sales staff

Schedule searches to run and email you the results on a periodic basis. Note - if your search includes change tracking, you can schedule a search to run and email you only the executives meeting your criteria who have changed over the time period you specify.

What Our Customers are Saying
"I have used GamingDirectory.com for more than 10 years and have found it to be an invaluable resource. The team at Casino City Press is a pleasure to work with and we are always amazed at just how up-to-date and fresh all of their data and information is in all aspects of the industry. This is a tool we use on a daily basis and it has been crucial to helping us with existing and new business."
Larry T. Pelzer, VP Sales, North America, FSB Technology (USA) Inc.

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