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Nebraska COVID-19 Gaming Propery Closings and Reopenings
We have confirmed the closing of 8 gaming properties in Nebraska due to the coronavirus pandemic. 5 gaming properties have since reopened including 1 that offers live racing without spectators.
The map shows the location of all properties we have chronicled in Nebraska. Zoom in or expand the map to full-screen mode to see property locations more clearly. Click on a property icon to see summary details for the property and click on the property name to view additional details.
Current Nebraska Gaming Property Industry Reopening Map
5 (63%) open properties, 3 (38%) closed properties
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Closed commercial property
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Open commercial property
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Closed Indian property
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Open Indian property
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Racing without spectators commercial property
Nebraska Gaming Properties and Their COVID-19 Status
The table below shows a sample of 5 gaming properties that you can expand to a full list of 8 Nebraska gaming properties by pressing the button for a free upgrade following the table. You can sort the table by any column and you can click a property name to view additional property details.
Horse Track 
12 Mar 2020 
Bingo Hall 
17 Mar 2020 
7 Jun 2020 
Grand Island 
Horse Track 
Racing without Spectators 
16 Mar 2020 
23 Mar 2020 
Indian Casino 
24 Mar 2020 
Indian Casino 
27 Mar 2020 
6 Jul 2020 
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