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Oregon COVID-19 Gaming Propery Closings and Reopenings
We have confirmed the closing of 18 gaming properties in Oregon due to the coronavirus pandemic. 16 gaming properties have since reopened.
Current Oregon Gaming Property Industry Reopening Map
16 (89%) open properties, 2 (11%) closed properties
The map gives the location of every property we have chronicled in Oregon with icons showing which properties are currently open. Zoom in or expand the map to full-screen mode to see property locations more clearly. Click a property's icon to see its summary details and click its name to view more details. Change the map's effective date using the selection box to the right of the map.
Map Effective Date
24 September 2020 (Today)
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Closed commercial property
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Open commercial property
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Closed Indian property
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Open Indian property
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Racing without spectators commercial property
Open Oregon Gaming Properties by Date
Hover over the chart to see the number of properties open in Oregon each day. Click on the chart at a specific date to repaint the map with icons showing which Oregon properties were open on that date.
Oregon Gaming Properties and Their COVID-19 Status
The table below shows a sample of 5 gaming properties that you can expand to a full list of 18 Oregon gaming properties by pressing the button for a free upgrade following the table. You can sort the table by any column and you can click a property name to view additional property details.
Card Room 
21 Mar 2020
15 May 2020
Lincoln City 
Indian Casino 
17 Mar 2020
21 May 2020
Bingo Hall 
17 Mar 2020
Grants Pass 
Horse Track 
10 May 2020
16 Jun 2020
21 Sep 2020
Grants Pass 
Card Room 
15 Mar 2020
26 May 2020
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